Custom signup pages for YoungLiving™ distributors

Promote yourself and provide an easy way for people to sign up under you.

Launch Page

Use it as a central place for all your online marketing channels. Send users to your page and allow them to see your Facebook groups, personal website, Instagram or any other channel.


A microsite is simple by design. Less information and a single call to action button is a good thing when trying to funnel potential members to signup.

Be discovered

Users who go to our Explore page search for distributors. We make it easy for them to find you based on your name, location and services you provide.

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Simple, Affordable Pricing

$1 a month

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Register without purchasing a thing! You can make sure your page is exactly how you want it before you commit to anything. Go ahead and register. Have a look around. If you like what you see then support us by purchasing a subscription. No hassle, just simple and affordable pricing.

The features you need

to build your downline

Signup button

Your signup button takes users directly to the YoungLiving™ website and automatically fills in your sponsor number. You can customize what it says too!

Custom domain

Generate a custom domain. Your domain name says a lot about you, and helps you stand out on the web. Be creative or keep it simple.

Services you provide

Add services so users can easily find you on the Explore page. Yoga instructor, Chiropractor, Jeweler. What services do you provide?

Your places on the web

Connect to your marketing network using links. You can link to your personal blog, Facebook or Twitter page. If it has a url you can link to it.

Personalized design

Choose the layout and color that fits you. Add a background image to personalize it even more. Rest assured your page will look good on all devices.

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